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All about our rates & what we charge

The Costs

First 1/2 Hour Charge

£35.00 (No VAT)

Additional Hours

£65.00 (No VAT)

Materials Supplied

Itemised Cost + 15%

Wherever possible we operate a system that gives free estimates,
quotes and free visits to price work.This means that you can be
reassured of a fixed price for the work you wish us to complete.
With our workshop always busy, we do like to get a feel for the work that you want and we try to offer an estimate of price before we visit. While our visit and quotes are totally free, our time is precious, so we like to know you are reasonably committed before we visit you.

As such,we do not offer day rates for work as this does not suit our business, but some times you may just need a small visit or even an urgent call to sort out a sticking door etc.For these eventualities we can visit on an hourly basis.

We dont charge for a call out but we do charge for our first half hour and subsequent hours after that. We can, where you are not able or unsure of which materials to source, get these for you. We always itemise materials and charge them at cost, with a small 15% markup to cover our traveling time.
We do not offer day rates as we may utilise both site and workshop, additional staff to complete a job or even split some work between workshop and site depending on what would offer the best possible outcome and satisfaction for the job.
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